NBA 2k20 VC Glitch – Unlimited VC Generator Glitch for NBA 2k20

Anyone who is a player of the game NBA 2k20 would not disagree that VC is very important in the game. As a matter of fact, VC in some cases can make anyone get tired or more energetic in the game. Imagine a case where you have spent a lot of time and VC (you buy VC with money) on a particular character only to realize the character/player is not really worth it after all. Then, you’d be frustrated, you’d wishing you had spent on a better character – especially when you realized how much the VC had cost you in $$. This exactly is one of the most cases why everyone seeks for a working NBA 2k20 VC glitch.

Over the past years, right from the old releases of the NBA games (like 2k19, 2k18, etc), most players have always believed in finding their way through getting some free VC in the game by going through some tricks or method as instructed in the tutorial they find anywhere be it on youtube or blogs. This is why you’d always see all the time videos about new “NBA 2k20 glitch ps4, Xbox, and pc” which is usually updated from time to time. Fact about these tricks, however, is that “they always do not last!” – in fact, in my opinion, I believe developers and staff from the game company are always part of the viewers/readers. Hence, once they figure out the glitch, they patch it immediately.

Normally, any game could become frustrating without the required in-game resources especially to a non-pro player. In the case of an online multiplayer game like NBA 2k20, the lack of in-game resources would be frustrating both to pro and non-pro players. Imagine you competing with an opponent who has more money to spend on player upgrading- you’re definitely going to look inferior to such a person. In this regard, I present to you the Nba 2k20 VC generator glitch.

NBA 2k20 VC Glitch Generator

The Nba 2k20 VC generator has come to ease the problem players face in getting VC for themselves in the game. The struggle for watching videos and reading blogs about free VC glitch is more than tiring plus the fact that they usually do not last is even more insane. This free VC generator we bring to you is not only the easiest method there is, but it is also the fastest you can ever find anywhere. This NBA VC generator glitch, however, works on all devices and platforms the game exists including ps4, Xbox one, pc, ios, android as well as Nintendo switch.

How Does the Free VC glitch generator work?

As expected, anyone would wonder how this wonderful NBA 2k20 free VC generator works especially when it offers VC on all platforms such as ps4, Xbox one, pc, Nintendo switch, android, and iOS. The truth is that this generator only requires your username and that you select your platform then you’re good to go. One more important feature of this glitch is that it is encrypted hence you’re guaranteed that no ban when you use it.

Features of the VC glitch Generator

  1. Unlimited VC: You can get millions of VC within a minutes after running the generator
  2. Safe: It would never ask for your password or any information which might compromise your account hence you’re guaranteed of safety
  3. Supports all platform: It really doesn’t matter the platform on which you have the game, you only need to select the platform after you have entered your username that you’re good to go.
  4. Easy access: Another great advantage of the NBA VC generator is that it is easily accessible. You can always run it via your mobile phone or pc or just any device with internet.
  5. Encryption: With the encryption feature, there is a 100% guarantee that you’d noted discovered as a cheater and you’d get no ban in the game.
Nba 2k20 vc glitch generator ps4 xbox one

How to use the Generator:

Follow the steps below to generate your unlimited VC:

  1. Visit the generator by clicking on the button below
  2. Enter your username in the game (no mistake please)
  3. Select your platform
  4. Enter your desired amount of VC you want to generate
  5. Click on the generate button in the generator
  6. Complete a simple verification task to prove you’re not a bot
  7. Congrats, that’s all


There are three kinds of players playing the NBA 2k20 right now: the ones who don’t mind spending a fortune in buying VC in the game; the ones who would rather waste their time watching videos, reading blogs all about glitches that would definitely not last; lastly, the ones who would use our generator to get unlimited VC in the easiest and fastest way. We really advise you to be in the last set of people as they are the smartest.

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