Wildscapes Review – Another Puzzle Game from Playrix

If you have played gardenscapes and homescapes, you would agree Playrix have a very unique approach to puzzle games. Already, everyone knows puzzle game is all about matching three similar objects together, Playrix has not only succeeded in making it more fun by beautifying it with some high-quality graphic but also with some great storyline. I got stuck with them from Gardenscapes but I am aware they have also made some great games in the past such as township and fishdom. 

wildscapes introduction

Wildscapes is another online puzzle game developed and released by Playrix after their success with Gardenscapes and Homescapes. WIldscapes was initially soft-released in April 2019; and was made available only in New-Zealand, Australia and Canada across iOS and android platforms. Later, it was finally released in August 2019 to the general public.

Honestly, anyone who has played Gardenscapes and Homescapes will agree wildscapes is a downgrade quality-wise compared to the other two; but, still, this won’t stop one from enjoying the amazing graphics and storyline (kind of!) that come with the new game. 

Wildscapes might be a bit inferior to others but it yet shares a lot of similarities with them; If you would agree with me, gardenscapes centres its whole storyline on designing the garden; homescapes, in the home; and likewise, wildscapes happens in the wild… And in all, you are giving some tasks to proceed to the next level.

Interesting Features of Wildscapes

Another Awesome Match-3 Mechanics

It’s no longer new especially if you have already had some experience with games like candy crush, fishdom etc, you simply match three similar objects together. However, Wildscapes, just like its other brothers comes with a storyline that keeps users coming back to complete their specific tasks in the game. Normally, a puzzle game with no special tweaks like storyline will easily get anyone bored and unwilling to continue with the game.

wildscapes review

Designing the Zoo at its Best

Generally, the whole idea in the game is that users create a zoo, unlock new areas, animals and attractions by completing puzzles. Anyone good at puzzle games will surely pass a lot of its levels, and get a lot of the resources without paying a dime to get more gems or diamonds to complete a particular level.

wildscapes gameplay

Your main objective in the game is to restore create and design the zoo. This is not the work which can be done overnight; you need to do it step by step. From placing animals at the right place, getting the animals some good company and cleaning the place for grassroots.

There is a lot of work to do in the zoo to make it beautiful and have a lot of animals. Hence, the reason you are given daily tasks in the game. More interesting, You also get some bonuses for returning every day.

Special Events

There are always special events that you don’t want to miss in the game. Here, you are required to complete a fun-filled simple task where you get a lot of rewards than you would do on a normal day.

Other awesome features of the game include:

  1. Great and improved graphics 
  2. Many boosters 
  3. Amazingly beautiful animals 

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